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Don't be a hoarder, don't over-order

Don't be a hoarder, don't over-order
​Across South Devon and Torbay, thousands of prescribed medicines are wasted or unused annually – which is a huge expenditure that could be invested in vital local healthcare services. Cutting down on the wasting of medicines could help save the NHS £1.56million.

In an attempt to reverse this trend, the CCG has launched the "Don’t be a hoarder, Don’t over-order" campaign. It will run in pharmacies and GP surgeries across South Devon and Torbay, with posters and leaflets urging patients to think carefully about managing their medicines better.

As well as asking the public to play their part, the CCG is working closely with pharmacists and GPs to get them to more rigorously check what people need before issuing or dispensing prescriptions.

A leaflet detailing how patients can help is here and a news release is here.