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Teignmouth engagement: 30 April to 8 June 2018

Possible sites

About a dozen sites were identified as possible locations for a new building to accommodate the three GP practices in the town. GPs have secured some national capital funding which would contribute to the cost of the new building, but this money would need to be spent by March 2020.

Option appraisals have been carried out to see whether the sites identified (including for example sites in Brunswick Street and Broadmeadow) matched the size needed to accommodate not only GPs but the other services we are considering relocating in the same building. Other elements considered in testing the viability of the sites included access, impact on the surrounding area, availability, affordability, development timeframe and futureproofing.

The two sites that have come through this evaluation process, which included representatives from patient participation groups, the Trust and CCG are East Cliff Car Park and the current hospital site. Further exploratory work is currently taking place on these sites and should others be suggested which are not currently on the market but which could be available in the timescale, we will look at these to see if they provide a better alternative.

If the idea of a new building is supported and the latter site was preferred, construction would be carried out in a way that enabled the current hospital to continue to function until the new building opened.

The GPs also need to move to a new building to provide the space and the facilities needed for them to meet the needs of their patients in future so this opportunity to bring services together in one place in Teignmouth, securing them for the future is unlikely to arise again in the foreseeable future.​​​​