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Teignmouth engagement: 30 April to 8 June 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Each week we will post responses to questions we have been asked during the six week engagement period where we are seeking views on various ideas for improving local services , including co-locating Teignmouth GPs and the other services that most people use in a new, modern building fit for the 21st century.

What criteria is being used to evaluate sites for the suggested new building?
Set out below is the evaluation criteria that is being used.

1. Site area:

  • Is the site large enough to accommodate the proposed facilities?
  • Is a degree of design compromise required?

2. Parking:

  • Is there space on the site for adequate parking or is sufficient parking available nearby? (150 spaces required)

3. Public transport:

  • Is public transport available nearby to and from the site?

4. Access:

  • Is suitable and safe vehicular and pedestrian access available?

5. Abnormal costs:

  • Are there abnormal costs associated with the site e.g. contamination, topography, existing buildings, flood risk, enabling works etc?

6. Deliverability:

  • Is the building deliverable i.e. considering ownership, legal issues, planning issues, surrounding and existing land use, site constraints, trees/landscape, impact on existing services, public reaction?

7. Development timeframe:

  • Are there issues which would elongate the development timeframe e.g. land ownership, ecology, contamination, planning, flood risk, enabling works etc?

8. Future Proofing:

  • Do the site characteristics allow for future proofing/expansion e.g. ease of extension and planning?

9. Demographics:

  • How close is the site to the town centre, centres of population and areas of deprivation?

10. Impact of seasonal traffic:

  • Will access to the site be unusually affected by seasonal traffic?

Will I still be able to see my normal GP if all the practices come together in a new building?
Yes. Practices will remain independent and patients will continue to see their own GP and nurse team.​​​​​​​