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Teignmouth engagement: 30 April to 8 June 2018

Between 30 April and 8 June 2018, South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), supported by local GPs, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Volunteering in Health asked people in Teignmouth, Dawlish and the surrounding area for views on ideas designed to ensure health services can meet future needs.

The suggestions under discussion were designed to improve services by:

  • Making the best use of staff and resources
  • Continuing to support people out of hospital unless hospital bed based care clinically needed
  • Tackling accommodation issues such as the unsuitability of an ageing hospital building in Teignmouth for the delivery of modern health and care services; a lack of expansion space in the town’s three GP practices; a need to find a long term base for the area’s successful health and wellbeing team
  • Strengthening the close working between NHS and voluntary sector services
  • Ensuring the future provision of services used by most local people in the town

After widespread engagement and consultation in 2014/15​, services were reorganised so that Dawlish became the clinical hub for the coastal area, providing medical hospital beds and minor injuries’ services and Teignmouth became the base for the health and wellbeing team, most outpatient clinics and it was planned that it would have rehabilitation beds. Over the past two years since the changes took effect, the multi-disciplinary health and wellbeing team has been able to support people at home or in a care home to such an extent that there has been no need to re-introduce the 12 rehabilitation beds at Teignmouth Hospital.

In 2017, the clinical commissioning group (CCG) said it would consult people in Teignmouth before a final decision was made not to establish the 12 rehabilitation beds. The new model of care introduced after the 2015 consultation has been tested over the past two years and both the CCG and Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (TSDFT) are confident that the beds are now not needed. Local GPs support this view.

Separately, the three GP practices in the town – Channel View, Teign Estuary Medical Group and Teignmouth Medical Group – have each decided that their current Teignmouth buildings cannot be further extended or reconfigured to create the capacity to meet current and future demands. They need more space in Teignmouth. They have decided that the best approach is for the three practices in the town to relocate to a new building where they can share some back-office functions, benefit from joint workforce training and have modern facilities to support their patients.

What would the opportunities change?

During the six week engagement period, the CCG and TSDFT, which runs both Teignmouth and Dawlish Hospitals, said that before the GPs finalised their plans for a new building, services provided in the town should be reviewed to see whether it would be better for patients if some were co-located with GPs in the new purpose built accommodation.

At the time of the engagement, the CCG and Trust said that if the ideas under discussion were ultimately implemented, the following changes would take place:

  • The health and wellbeing team, currently based at the hospital, would relocate to the new building. This would be in line with best practice which suggests that GPs and health and wellbeing teams should be co-located in order to deliver best patient care
  • Some routine physio services and out-patient appointments would also move to the new building with more specialist needs being met in Dawlish or Newton Abbot
  • The information service provided by Volunteering in Health would be offered the opportunity to move to the new building
  • Alice Cross would be invited to also take space in the new building
  • Day surgery, currently provided in Teignmouth Hospital for people from across Torbay and South Devon would be moved to Torbay Hospital
  • Once all these changes have taken place and the new building opened, the current hospital building would close

This would mean that the health and care services most people in Teignmouth use would be under one roof, in a modern building which would be designed to deliver services in the coming decades.​​​​​​

Engagement information

Information made available during the engagement period is accessible​ via the links below:​​