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Teignmouth engagement: 30 April to 8 June 2018

Building on the experience of how the 2015 changes are working in Coastal Locality

As part of our continual work to better manage the needs of our Coastal community we have invested in our Community Health & Social Care Teams. The fundamental driver of this investment is to support people in their own homes and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. By investing in our community services and working in partnership with our local GPs and volunteer organisations we have significantly reduced the need for our population to be admitted to hospital. We also actively identify Coastal residents to ensure that the professionals that “know them” in their home setting are actively involved in their future planning, rather than professionals that have only ever known them in a hospital bed.

We hold a daily morning meeting with representatives from all our community teams, which include community nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, GPs, community pharmacist and older peoples mental health workers. The purpose of this meeting is to collectively manage those most at risk and vulnerable in our community. By concentrating more resources on community services and less on bed based care we have been able to invest in our community teams who are better able to manage the needs of our frail elderly population. We know the best outcome is to keep people, where possible, in their own familiar home environment. This is particularly true for those with dementia as we know it can be very distressing to them to be in a strange hospital environment.

The real benefit to our population will be co-located services. Already at Teignmouth Hospital we have co-located Health & Social Care Community Teams and last July we added our public information hub, run by Volunteering in Health. If the ideas under discussion proceed, bringing these services together with GPs in one building will give us an exciting opportunity to really deliver the best possible outcomes to our population. This partnership working will ensure our population has the best possible chance of being able to stay in their own home.

It will mean only those that really need a hospital admission will be admitted. We also work closely with our local residential care homes to utilise their beds when necessary to provide a period of therapeutic input if needed before the individual is able to return home. The focus is to ensure we give people the best chance to continue to thrive in their home environment.

The success of this way of working has meant that the proposed rehabilitation beds have not been required at Teignmouth Hospital over the past two years and we do not envisage them being needed in future.​​​​​​