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Acute services review


The acute services review was announced on 4 November 2016, when the final draft of the five-year Wider-Devon Sustainability and Transformation Partnership was published. The detailed case for change is set out in the document Services not Structures.

Stakeholder updates were produced in February 2017 and March 2017, setting out how the first stage of the review was to look at:

  • Stroke services, including hyper-acute and stroke rehabilitation
  • Maternity and paediatrics
  • Urgent and emergency care

Clinicians from across Devon, representing each of these services, met earlier this year to discuss the current service standards, the best practice service standards (national clinical guidelines) and any issues affecting the quality and sustainability of the existing services. Each of the three reviews included a number of patient representatives.

In March, a series of public events were held to discuss the criteria that could be used to judge any proposals arising from these workshops.

Current position

The results of the review into how these hospital services could be provided more effectively in future have been published (20 June) and details are available here.

A briefing note setting out the conclusions is also available here and a media release relating to the review is here. Feedback from the consultation into the criteria is available here.