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On Saturday 12 November, with Ocean Youth Radio presenters and a Beach hut

we were out on Paignton seafront to ask members of the community
' What does self-care mean to you' and 'How can you help yourself when you are ill or to stop yourself from getting ill without seeking medical attention'
Listen to the amazing and emotive responses, in our listening library.

14 November 2016 - Churston School
A group of young people in their personal, social and health education (PSHE) lesson at Churston School had a lively discussion about:
  •      What can be done to encourage our young people to stay well?
  •       How can we help young people to help each other?
  • ​ ​    Why is self care important for today's young people?
  •       What current challenges do our young people face that could be helped by self care?

​  Recordings of their thoughts are shared here.

18 November 2016  - Radio Panel

The main points from both events were shared with a group of year 10 pupils and staff members at Devon Studio School for a question and answer session with a panel of health and care professionals, and chaired by Ryan Bovey, pupil from the school.

The panel members were:

  • ​Rob Dyer, Medical Director, Torbay and southern devon NHS Foundation Trust
  • Gerry Cadogen, Consultant Public Health Torbay Council
  • Paul Hurrell, Head of Innovation and Quality Improvement, South Devon CCG

Due to a few technical issues the planned live broadcast with other schools linked in to join the discussion was aborted. However a recording has been shared, as a discussion point for future PSHE learning.

The discussion​ focussed on the importance of self-care for today's young people, what support they would find useful and how they can help each other.