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30/06/2016 (Seale Hayne, Newton Abbot)
Our first public engagement session for self-care. Members of the community from across South Devon and Torbay were invited to a day:

  • to reflect on what self-care means to them, to other people and the role it currently plays or could play in theirs and others lives;
  • to understand what people need to feel motivated to look after their own health and wellbeing;
  • to understand the concept of activation;
  • To test out and generate new information about creating self-care support / information / resources that people might find useful and to generate information about how people would want to access this support;
  • To use creative and participatory approaches to generate dialogue, create wellbeing and enjoyment encourage personal activation​; and
  • To explore partnership working between Torbay Arts and Culture Network and the health and care system​.
Key feedback from the day was:

Q1) What keeps you going?

Q2) What motivates you to look after your own health and wellbeing?

Q3) What holds you back?

Q4) What would you like to grow in your life?

Q5) What are the messages we get from the health sector about how to stay well and take care of ourselves?

  • "drink responsibly"
  • "Many mixed messages what’s good for you one week is bad the next. "
  • "Medicine in the house ready for illness usually weekend – to prevent worsening saturations"
  • "Watch your B.M.I​"
  • "Eat healthily  " 
  • "Exercise"
  • "eat veg/ fruit"
  • "Stay slim.
  • "Don’t Drink!"
  • "Don’t Smoke!"
  • "Exercise...lose weight"  

Q6) What do you think the health service offers?

  • "10 mins of questions"
  • "Life-saving interventions"
  • "A brilliant GP who listens."
  • "Limited GP service"
  • "We will treat your symptoms not the cause"
  • "Do what we say because we know what you need​"
  • "Compassionate highly skilled & qualified people limited in their offer by time, budgets & political pressures"
  • "A leaflet to help you though your problems"
  • "A free service"
  • "Medication​"

Q7) What would you want the Health Service to Offer?

  • "Individualised Care"
  • "A holistic approach which uses medication on if really necessary"
  • "A longer time to listen"
  • "More open comfortable places as surgeries"
  • "Sign posting to other services​"

During the event we captureed a range of audio and video personal stories and experiences from the people who attended the event. These, and others, can be found on our Listening Library​ page.