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Throughout the development of our approach to prevention, wellbeing and self-care we have continually sought the views of a broad range of people, in various settings.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this on-going library of self-care related experiences, views, opinions, goals and concerns in the form of video and audio clips. Everyone has shared their very personal, and often emotional and inspiring, experiences and opinions and have kindly given their permission for this content to be shared.

Self-care engagement event June 2016 (Seale Hayne, Newton Abbot)

Jo's story Lynzy's story Penny's story

Jo shares her thoughts on what self-care means to her
Lynzy talks about the impact of her fathers' cancer, and her approach to looking after herself As a carer of a veteran, Penny talks about the importance of remembering to care for oneself
(02:42 mins) (02:51 mins) (02:24 mins)
What self-care means to me Our self-care goals Self-care song
Attendees share their thoughts on what self-care means to them Attendees share their personal goals for self care Local performers summarise the day in song
(02:25 mins) (01:40 mins) (01:03 mins)

Paignton Seafront with Ocean Youth Radio

We continue to seek your views, whether you are a member of our workforce; a patient, carer or family member; or a member of our population. If you would like to find out more about our prevention, wellbeing and self-care approach please visit our Feedback and Upcoming Events pages for more information.​