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​Our aim is to help people find the right services and support as easily as possible, and if they wish to, connect with others that have had similar experiences.​ ​ ​ ​ ​


In this section you will find resources that support this aim; there are links to the websites, online search tools, information, and community groups that form part of our prevention, wellbeing and self-care model.

This is only the first iteration of the portal and it focuses on connecting people with existing resources and repositories.

What is expected of our workforce?

We aim to create a suite of tools and resources that Torbay and South Devon's workforce can use to connect people with the information, services and community based support that will help them meet their goals for health and wellbeing. 

We hope that staff will use the tools and, importantly, let us know how they could be improved. Please visit our Feedback​ page for more information.

What is expected of our patients and population?

The information, tools and resources we are creating are available both to our workforce and to our patients and population.

We would like to encourage as many people as possible to use these resources and share their experiences of doing so. This is going to be vital in helping us respond to the needs of our population.

How is this going to be delivered?

Partners across our health and care system are working to improve our self-care digital offer, and stimulate the development of community assets (services, groups and resources within communities that will support people to remain as healthy and independent for as long as possible).

This is just the first step in our plans to connect people to the right information. Over time we will make it easier to search from a single place, improve the scope and quality of information available, and importantly, connect people directly with the comments and experiences of others and make it easier to comment on their own experiences within these search tools.

Below you will find links to pages containing different types of resources to help connect people with the right information, advice and support:

Directories of service and community groups

Lists and databases of the services and community groups available within communities.

  • ​The ORB
    The Orb is a directory of services for the people of Torbay. The main aim is to help you find the right service to help you set and achieve your own self-care goals with your wellbeing, health, fitness, finances or happiness.

    Although focussed mainly on the services and resources in Torbay, it also includes some national organisations.

  • Pinpoint
    Pinpoint provides access to help and support services. This searchable online database contains thousands of services and community groups across Devon, including access to activities and events throughout Devon via an online calendar.

  • HealthUnlocked Local

    This digital tool provides a gateway to tailored information and support available in the local area from the NHS, social care, charities and voluntary sector, alongside free peer to peer and expert support on relevant HealthUnlocked online communities.


Peer support groups for health and wellbeing

Peer support connects people to people like them (their peers) to share experiences & successes, concerns, and support each other in achieving their health and wellbeing goals. For more information on peer support please visit our Peer Support page.

Healthy Lifestyles Team

The Healthy Lifestyles Team​ offer a range of free and subsidised healthy lifestyle programmes and advice. The team can help and support you to increase your activity levels, lose weight, quit smoking, improve your emotional wellbeing and make sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Book your free Healthy Lifestyles assessment here​​.