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Learning & development programme: Strengths based approach for Health and Social Care Co-ordinators

About this approach: This modular programme ​mirrors strength based approach  in that it grows on the existing strengths and capabilties of our staff group.

Rather than taking a fixing approach it is organic in allowing staff groups to build on their own existing strengths and capabilities whilst challenging underlying assumptions and entrenched ways of working.​

Putting this into practice

This module has been developed with Health and Social Care Co-ordinator’s in mind, whilst the specific needs of other staff groups will be different the core principles will remain the same but the emphasis and approach can be easily adapted.

It will be an iterative programme which is inclusive.

The Plan

1st Tier

  • ​All  locality staff delivering , diabetes, hospital discharge – Ongoing detailed schedule in progess.


2nd Tier

  • Session with system wide Execs - explore possibilities
  • Growing on energy  to spread and sustain change  - Feb ongoing
  • MDT development in localities according to Care Model needs -  Feb onwards
  • Specialities targeted by prevention strategy –e.g. diabetes  - March onward