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Prevention and self-care

What matters to you, matters to me.

Welcome to the prevention and self-care information portal 

Many of the health problems that we experience are linked with our social situation and lifestyle, which means that many of the potential solutions are located outside of the NHS. The support of family, friends and our community are all key to improving our health and wellbeing.

The NHS, Local Authorities and the Community & Voluntary sectors are working together to support the development of new community activities. This website aims to identify those opportunities and the support that exists online and in our local communities.

Services and community groups​ ​ ​ Peer support: connecting people


A directory of community groups and services for Torbay ​A directory of community groups
and services and across Devon

A directory of over 500 online
social networks for health
SelfcareHomepageHealthUnlockedLocal200.png SelfcareHomepageFacebook200.png
A directory of self-care services
across Devon and Torbay
A range of Healthy Lifestyles services in Torbay and South Devon
A list of local special interest
groups on Facebook
COMING SOON: Find out more about the main principles of our approach to prevention and self-care
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