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Winter figures published by NHS England

Latest figures confirm that pressures on Devon’s health system this winter remain high, with demand for services continuing to rise.

NHS staff in Devon have been working hard to manage increasing numbers of patients, maximising the available resources and improving patient care.

Weekly statistics released by NHS England show that the county’s acute hospitals have been on OPEL 3 and 4 for the past week (with 4 being the highest).

There are beds available at the county’s community hospitals, but the severity of patients’ illnesses means that step-down care is not appropriate for them.

Dr Rob Dyer, medical director for the Devon-wide STP, said: “Our organisations are working closely to respond quickly and appropriately wherever needed.

“There was a great deal of planning done in advance of winter to minimise the effects of extreme demand and ensure we can continue to deliver safe care.

“Some planned operations and outpatient appointments have been postponed so that resources can be focused on urgent patient needs.

“For patients who haven’t been contacted about their appointments, they should attend as normal.

“Recent weeks has seen significant numbers of flu across Devon, so the public who are at particular risk can continue to play their part by making sure they have their flu jab, and by using local pharmacies and NHS 11 for medical advice, alongside other services.”

Other services available for patients include minor injuries units (MIU) and walk-in centres. Staff at the MIUs will examine minor ailments and injuries.

They can determine if an x-ray is required, and in most cases there are x-ray facilities on site. Further information about MIUs and their locations is here.

Dr Dyer added: “This time of year is always difficult across the NHS, and staff across Devon are doing a superb job. We are all very grateful for their selfless efforts.

“The public thoughtfulness in continuing to use alternative options for emergency care is also much appreciated. It really does make a difference.”​

The national figures are here (winter stats) and here (A&E).

Latest statistics

​1 Jan 2018 - 7 Jan 2018 TSDFT​ PHT​ RDE​FT NDHT​ STP​
​General and acute bed occupancy ​91.7% 98.7%​ 91.2%​ 94.5%​ 94.6%​
​30-60min ambulance delays ​15.1% 14%​ 6.5%​ 11.2%​ 12.1%​
​>60min ambulance delays 1.4%​ 1.5%​ 0%​ 6.7%​ 1.8%​

​Percentage​ in for hours or less (all) ​88.3% 79.3%​ 87.2%​ 88.5%​ 85.2%​