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Top cancer care rating

People in South Devon and Torbay have one of the best cancer services in the country, according to ratings published by NHS England.

The ratings place South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group in the top seven in the country based on four key indicators; early diagnosis, one year survival, 62 day waits after referral; and overall patient experience.

In South Devon and Torbay 55.2 percent of patients receive an early diagnosis, 88.5 percent start treatment within the 62 day target and 73.3 percent live for at least a year. Overall patient experience is rated at 91.9 percent.

Published on MyNHS, the ratings show that nationally only seven out of over 200 CCGs are rated ‘top performing’ including South Devon and Torbay CCG with a further 22 rated as performing well. The remainder need to improve if the national 2020 target of another 30,000 lives saved is to be met.

Dr Nick D’Arcy, CCG Clinical Lead for Patient Safety and Quality said:  “It is good news for the people of South Devon and Torbay that patients are seen and treated so swiftly. These ratings reflect the excellent work of everyone involved in cancer care, from GPs through to specialist staff at the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.

“We will continue to build on this performance so as to become even more effective in early diagnosis and early treatment, maximising the survival chances of patients.  Notwithstanding increasing demand, staffing and financial pressures, our aim is to be one of the first health communities to fully implement the NICE referral and recognition guidance.”

Dr Rob Dyer medical director for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust said: “Providing the best possible service for our patients suffering from cancer is a key priority and we are pleased that our performance has been recognised through these ratings. Ensuring that patients are seen and diagnosed quickly is very important to their treatment and increases recovery.

“Increasing demand and workforce challenges common to the whole NHS will make it difficult to maintain our performance over the coming months. However, we continue to work together to find ways to provide the best possible service to our patients.”