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Information on your NHS number

The Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has recently released information on NHS numbers. 

Everyone registered with the NHS in England has their own NHS number. It is the only national unique patient identifier, used to help healthcare staff and service providers match you to your health records. It is an important step towards providing you with safer patient care.

Each NHS number is a unique 10-digit number. Your number should be printed on any correspondence you have received from an NHS organisation, but you can also find out your NHS number by contacting the GP you are registered with.

The NHS number unlocks services such as e-Referrals Service and the Electronic Prescription Service. You don't need to know your NHS number to receive care, but knowing it can help those treating you find your records more quickly and share them more safely with other healthcare professionals.

You can find out more about your NHS number here. The website also includes frequently asked questions for patients and information on entitlement and eligibility to NHS services.