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Devon winter pressures latest

​Dr R​ob Dyer, medical director for the Devon-wide Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP)
Pressures on Devon’s health system remain high, but NHS community staff are working round the clock with acute hospital staff to ensure the flow of patients from acute hospitals is good.

Latest figures show that Devon’s healthcare systems have been on OPEL 3 and 4 for the past week (with 4 being the highest).

Flu remains an issue in hospitals, as does norovirus, and all providers continue to see high levels of severe illness as a result, especially in relation to vulnerable patients.  

Dr Rob Dyer, medical director for the Devon-wide Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), said: “The roles of our community and social care teams are fundamental to the flow of patients through the health system. Health and Wellbeing Teams are busy and under pressure but working well to manage demand. 

“However, the severity of patients’ illnesses remains an issue, with many patients too ill to be released from the acute hospitals.

“NHS England staff and social care partners continue to work proactively to support hospital pressures, using available bed capacity and pathways flexibly to best support patients, either in their own homes or as in-patients where clinically appropriate. 

“A whole-system approach has been at the forefront of activity over the winter period, with partner organisations working well to identify the optimum ways in which patients can be supported and how best to work collaboratively to alleviate pressures in the system.

“Pressures within Devon’s health system mean that routine elective surgery has been affected, but high-risk patients and patients requiring cancer treatment are being prioritised accordingly.”

Services available for patients include minor injuries units (MIU) and walk-in centres. Staff at the MIUs will examine minor ailments and injuries. They can determine if an x-ray is required, and in most cases there are x-ray facilities on site. Further information about MIUs and their locations is here.

In addition, pharmacists are highly trained and skilled professionals, offering a range of very accessible health services – including medication for complaints such as fevers, coughs, colds, aches and pains, as well as year-round health issues such as healthy eating, sexual health and giving up smoking.

The latest Devon statistics published by NHS England:

​8/1/18-14/1/18 TSDFT​ PHT​ RDE​ NDT​ STP​
​General & acute bed occupancy ​92.5% ​98.9% ​91.5% ​93.7% ​94.8%
​30-60min ambulance delays ​13.3% ​6.7% ​2.0% ​12.5% ​8.1%
​>60min ambulance delays ​1.6% ​0.3% ​0.2% ​1.7% ​0.8%

​​The national NHS England figures are here​.​