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Urging women to choose the right birth plan

​The ​CQC is urging women to choose the right birth plan
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is launching a new national campaign aimed at informing women that they can choose the right birth plan for them.

The CQC wants more women to be aware that if they’re pregnant or planning to be pregnant, they can use CQC resources – such as inspection reports and rating – to help them in their decision-making. 

CQC consumer research has highlighted low awareness of the organisation’s inspection reports among young mothers, and the information the CQC can provide on the quality of care provided by maternity services across the country. 

The campaign is encouraging more women to use the free, independent CQC inspection reports to compare maternity services near them. It is also asking women who’ve recently had a baby to share their experiences with CQC, whether good or bad.

The campaign launched on 20 September and will last for four weeks. Further information is here.