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Paignton practices' merger brings benefits

The merger of Pembroke House Surgery and Paignton Medical Partnership has now been finalised. ​
Paignton patients are enjoying a wide range of improved services after two GP practices merged.

The merger of Pembroke House Surgery and Paignton Medical Partnership has now been finalised after months of public engagement. 

Since the beginning of 2016, GPs from Pembroke House Surgery have been working at Paignton Medical Partnership two days a week to provide additional clinical services for patients. 

The two practices will now operate as Pembroke House Surgery. Increased investment in facilities, additional consulting rooms and clinical staff at Pembroke House Surgery will ensure services for patients from both surgeries can be improved.

Dr Yvette Steele, a partner from the former Paignton Medical Practice, said: “The merger has created a larger and more sustainable practice for the future.

“Patients now have access to a greater choice of GPs – male and female – although patients can of course still see their GP of choice.

“Consultations are available six days a week, and the merged team is keen to explore further developments for patient services.

“Additional clinical staff are being recruited to manage the increased workload of extra patients, and facilities and accommodation have been improved for patients because they now have access to the range of Pembroke House facilities.

“By retaining staff from all practices, patients are reassured by seeing a familiar face at the surgery. This is an exciting move for staff and patients.”

Dr Will Howitt, a partner at Pembroke House Surgery, said the change is beneficial for patients at both sites.

He added: “Patients will have access to 12 GPs between both Pembroke House and Grosvenor Road Surgeries.

“Patients can be seen at either site between 8am-6pm every weekday and Saturday morning appointments with both a doctor and a nurse are available at Pembroke House between 8am-12.30pm.

“The combined practice now has 18,000 patients. We know that’s a lot, but we’re working hard to ensure our patients continue to receive a personal service.

“We’re also developing clinical teams within the practice so that patients can always see or speak to a GP within their team, giving continuity of care.”

Dr Howitt stressed that patients originally registered with Paignton Medical Partnership do not have to register with Pembroke because this has been done automatically.

Robert Howard, spokesperson for the former Paignton Medical Patients’ Group, said: “I feel that the facilities and number of doctors that Pembroke House has to offer can only be positive for us as patients.”