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Get your child immunised

​Young boy gets his nasal spray at the Children's Stop Flu Party
GPs are urging parents to have their children immunised against flu this winter.
Children who are infected with flu can develop a very high fever or complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia and painful middle-ear infection.
They may need hospital treatment, and very occasionally a child might die from flu.

For children with long-term health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease or lung disease, getting flu can be very serious because they are more at risk of developing serious complications.

To make it easier for parents to have their youngsters immunised, Torquay GPs organised a Children’s Stop Flu Party, where hundreds of children were able to get their nasal spray immunisation at Living Coasts.

Dr Sarah Rowe, a GP at Torquay’s Chilcote Practice, said: “Because flu is more serious for young children, I would urge parents who weren’t able to attend the Children's Stop Flu Party to have their child immunised at their GP practice. It isn't too late.
“Children at this age can have the nasal spray, which is quick and doesn’t cause them any discomfort.
“If the young children are protected, this reduces the chance of the child’s family catching it too, which is particularly important if there are older people in the home.”
The Children’s Stop Flu Party included a wide array of entertainment and educational stalls, as well the opportunity to have the nasal spray immunisation.
Among the attractions at the party were face-painting, glitter tattoos, badge-making, and the chance to meet Living Coast’s Mac the Penguin.
Dr Rowe added: “It was an excellent day, combining the importance of the flu immunisation with fun and educational events. It was great to see lots of happy smiling children at the event.
“We worked together to create an event for parents and children. While the children were busy making badges and having their face painted, parents were able to get information from other organisations, and learn about activities such as the Mums and Baby sessions at the Torbay Velopark, which parents and their children can do together.”