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Children in Torquay invited to the Stop Flu Party

A fun-filled party to get Torquay’s youngsters immunised against flu this winter has been organised for November.

Hundreds of children aged between two and four are invited to the Stop Flu Party, where there will be a wide array of entertainment, educational stalls and the opportunity for the children to be immunised.

The event has been organised by Torquay GP practices, and the immunisation is a simple nasal spray given by a member of the practice team. There are no injections.

GPs have stressed the importance of children being immunised, because some can develop a very high fever or complications, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and painful middle-ear infection. They may need hospital treatment, and very occasionally a child might die from flu.

For children with long-term health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease or lung disease, getting flu can be very serious because they are more at risk of developing serious complications.

Dr Ellie Rowe, of Croft Hall Medical Practice, has organised the Stop Flu Party.

She said: “Flu is a serious illness in young children. It can spread rapidly in the preschool and school environment, so it’s important that children are immunised.

“The nasal spray used for children of this age won’t cause the child any stress or discomfort and is totally safe.

“It is effective in protecting young children, and it reduces the chance of the child’s family catching it too. This is particularly important if there are any elderly people in the home.

“It would be great to have as many children as possible at the Stop Flu Party. As well as the obvious health benefits, there will be a lot of health information and all sorts of fun.

“Parents don’t need to wait for an invite. If their child is in the age bracket, they can just turn up on the day.”

Among the attractions at the party will be face-painting, a bouncy castle, glitter tattoos, puppet shows, gymnastic displays by South Devon School of Gymnastics, crafts, stalls with books, clothing, portraits, drinks and snacks, and plenty more.

The Stop Flu Party will be at the Riviera International Centre on Saturday November 15, between 10am-4pm.

Children who attend the event will also be able to enjoy a swim afterwards at a discounted price.