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Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body
Public meetings

The governing body is committed to providing and commissioning high-quality care through value-for-money decisions and plans. It supports South Devon and Torbay’s Vanguard status, and has been instrumental in managing the strategic plans for integrated care.

The governing body follows the Nolan principles of 'standards of board behaviour' in all that it does, and has a declaration of interests register, which is scrupulously maintained and shared openly. Governing body meetings are held in public and endeavour to manage the majority of its clinical commissioning decision-making in public. From the start, the governing body has put the patient at the centre of its decision-making. Its meetings begin with a patient story, usually presented by one of our clinical members, and at the end of most meetings members reflect on the difference their decision-making might have made to that patient.​​​​​​​​

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