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Stakeholder surveys

Stakeholder surveys

NHS England commissions Ipsos MORI to undertake a 360o stakeholder survey of CCGs. This enables a range of health and care partners to provide feedback in confidence on working relationships with their local CCGs.

The overall aim is to provide CCGs with on-going information, advice and knowledge to help make the best possible commissioning decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of health services.

The latest stakeholder survey report is available here: 360o stakeholder survey 2017

The annual survey aims to:

  • Highlight how relationships with stakeholders can be improved so as to benefit patients
  • Support the NHS England assurance process with CCGs, designed to improve the quality of commissioned services and outcomes for patients
  • Provide a range of data to CCGs which supports their ongoing organisational development

CCGs provide Ipsos MORI with contact details for key stakeholders and are then invited to answer a range of questions about their relationship with the CCG. The reports are considered by our Governing Body and used to inform future activity.

Copies of all the annual survey reports are below:

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